Tsambagarav Mountain - Green Lake

Tsambagarav Mountain at 4208 M (13,737 ft) on the border of Bayan-Olgii and Hovd Aimags towers over the 110,960 hectares of Tsambagarav Uul National Park. The park is known for its stunning vistas and diverse wildlife. The park contains many glaciers, rocky gorges, glacial lakes, and a 7 meter waterfall, in addition to deer stones , balbal (standing stones), and Kazakh and Uriankhai nomads. Many rare and endangered species can be found including the Argali sheep, Ibex, Snow Leopard, Rock Ptarmigan and Altai Snowcock. Tsambagarav Mountain and the smaller Tsast Uul at 4193 M both require crampons and ropes, though surrounding peaks can be hiked.



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